Webinar: NIST Application Security Revisions You Need to Know

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Thursday, November 12th @ 10 AM PST | 1 PM EST

Join us to learn how the new NIST revisions will significantly impact your application security strategy as we present “NIST Application Security Revisions You Need to Know.”

We’ll discuss how NIST SP 800-53 Revision 5 contains two new IAST and RASP standards of interest to developers and application security (AppSec) teams:

Specifically, how these two notable quotes will directly impact the decisions AppSec and DevOps leaders and practitioners make when pursuing application security initiatives:

• “Require the developer of the system, system component, or system service to employ interactive application security testing tools to identify flaws and document the results.”
• “Implement [Assignment: organization-defined controls] for application self-protection at runtime.”

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