Network Access and Threat Detection & Response

There’s no longer a single defensible boundary between a company’s internal assets and the outside world. This is why organizations need to double down on ensuring that the network is being accessed securely — by employees, contractors, supply chain partners, and others.

Equally important, organizations need to detect and respond to threats with advanced analysis, AI, machine learning, shared intelligence and automated protections in order to keep at least one step ahead of attackers and to respond to attacks if one were to be successful.

The Merlin solutions incorporate a defense-in-depth strategy that further extends to all the layers of the IT stack. We leverage ML/AI technologies and policy-driven frameworks to quickly identity, detect, and respond to network threats. We do this with the automation and orchestration that are essential to meet the demands on Security Operations. An effective Network Access, Threat Detection & Respond solution includes:

  • Unified visibility and situational awareness of all network assets, IT and OT
  • Orchestration and automation using policy-based controls
  • Integration and orchestration with the expansive ecosystem of cybersecurity products
  • Policy-driven network segmentation and enforcement
  • ML/AI that can adapt and respond to a changing threat landscape


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