Identity & Access Management

IT modernization is driving security professionals to re-think how they are protecting their systems and data. Remote and mobile workers are increasingly accessing data and applications in the cloud from devices that may be outside of their visibility and control. Malicious insiders or even unsuspecting ones may be accessing and exfiltrating data without their knowledge.

Identity-centric security is critical to protecting sensitive enterprise systems, assets, and information from unauthorized access or use by only allowing authorized access to:

  • Data and information: Sensitive customer, business, supplier, or other data, stored on local servers, in the cloud, or elsewhere.
  • Software and applications: Systems used by employees, customers, suppliers, partner businesses, and others.
  • Development, testing, staging, and operational platforms: All IT environments used for product and service development, launch, and operations.
  • Devices: Laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, IoT, and other devices.
  • Locations: Business locations including private office spaces, data centers, and secure locations.
  • Integrations: Data that is being transmitted, received, stored, or otherwise interacted with as it moves between different areas.

Effective IAM solutions include single sign on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and privileged access management (PAM) capabilities that enable security professionals to:

  • Record, capture, and authenticate user login information
  • Manage the employee database of users and job roles
  • Allow for addition, deletion, and change of individual users and broader job roles
  • Provide a history of login and systems access for audit purposes
  • Allow for properly-segmented definitions and access controls for every part of the business’s systems and data
  • Track user activities across all systems and data
  • Report on user activities
  • Enforce systems access policies

Today’s perimeter-less world requires security professionals to implement new ways to identify and verify users — whether human or machine.

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