Endpoint Visibility, Control & Compliance

Endpoint management and security are fundamentally changing. As IoT, mobile and cloud  continue to transform our network perimeter, visibility and control of all the endpoints in your organization has become a challenge. Advanced persistent threats, ransomware, and now even rogue peripheral device threats that can go undetected by traditional endpoint security solutions pose a real risk to the organization. The endpoint can become the smart, central control point to implement device, application, and data security. The endpoint provides telemetry that allows IT to quickly identity, detect and respond to these threats.

A fragmented security approach for all the endpoints in your enterprise can be extremely challenging to maintain the endpoint visibility, control, and compliance that’s required to mitigate the threats. This is evidenced by the continued success of phishing, ransomware, and other threats and attacks.

It takes holistic and innovative solutions to stay on top of endpoint management and protection. Effective Endpoint Management and Security requires full visibility and control of all the endpoints in your environment. Our solutions provide:

  • Real-time query and remediation of endpoints
  • Visibility into your IT, OT and IOT environments
  • Discovery of every IP-connected device for continuous posture assessment
  • Detect an mitigate rogue network devices and endpoint peripherals

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