Cloud Access & Application Protection

Organizations have come to realize the strategic benefits of the cloud. As such, applications and workloads have shifted rapidly to the cloud. How you secure cloud access and those applications requires innovative technologies that work together to deliver an integrated, effective solution.

As applications move out of the data center and into the cloud, as cloud-native and devops takes hold, many organizations are limited in their ability to see, control, and protect applications.

For example, mobile and remote users may be accessing critical applications in the cloud from coffee shops, airports, or elsewhere. How should organizations tighten the reins on securing access to these cloud applications while enforcing least privilege access and strengthening the security of the application itself? Managing today’s modern applications that are based on modern app development frameworks and tools is also a challenge.

How do you ensure compliance and governance of your hybrid / multi cloud environment? Today’s multi-cloud world with zero trust requires fully integrated solutions that enhance visibility and control while enforcing zero trust principles. As you modernize your applications for the cloud, you need to ensure that security is integrated into your development processes and IT operations.

The Merlin Cloud and Application Security solution:

  • Enables zero trust and secure access to cloud applications
  • Ensures governance and compliance across hybrid cloud infrastructures
  • Supports secure, adaptive multifactor authentication to cloud resources
  • Provides visibility and automation for SecDevOps
  • Manage privileged users and machine-to-machine authentication

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