Innovation Centers

When it comes to leading and driving game-changing innovation, it takes a village. We work closely with like-minded organizations that share a passion for running towards the toughest cybersecurity challenges with seemingly off-the-wall ideas. Together, we make those crazy ideas real.

Innovation centers we partner with include:


MACH37 refers to “escape velocity,” the minimum velocity needed to escape earth’s gravitational field.  We felt that this was an apt name for our accelerator, because newly launched technology companies must push past forces that inherently prevent their growth. MACH37™  is designed to facilitate the creation of the next generation of cyber product companies. Its unique 90-day program design places heavy emphasis on the validation of product ideas and the development of relationships that produce an initial customer base and investment capital – accelerating a founder’s path to a sustainable business model. Since 2013, MACH37™ has launched 57 cyber companies. 73% of graduates are still in business and 60% have raised follow-on investment. MACH37™ is majority-owned and operated by VentureScope™ through a partnership with the Center for Innovative Technology.


Entering and scaling in the federal market is painful, expensive, and risky for private sector tech companies. So, many steer clear. In failing to adopt commercial technology, the government wastes billions of dollars on maintaining outdated technology that doesn’t work well. Enter Dcode. Dcode became real the night that Meagan Metzger, founder and CEO, emailed 500 venture capitalists to say, “We can make the federal market easy for tech companies.” As Dcode’s acceleration program gained momentum and government leaders got involved to meet dozens of emerging tech companies, federal agencies began asking them to show their teams how to better bring in new solutions. Now, they also offer a full suite of solutions for both tech companies and government leaders. Dcode is tackling the problem from both sides to advance government into the future.