Use Cases

Most organizations don’t enjoy having to wade through thousands of cybersecurity products in order to try to identify what it is they really need. What they want are solutions to critical challenges, sourced from a single, trusted partner. At Merlin, we believe that multi-dimensional cybersecurity challenges demand fully integrated solutions that are powered by innovative technologies. 

We help our customers take on the toughest cybersecurity challenges.

Identity & Access Management

Today’s perimeter-less world requires security professionals to implement new ways to identify and verify users — whether human or machine. See how with Merlin’s identity and access management solutions.

Endpoint Visibility, Control & Compliance

The network is rapidly transforming as endpoint devices — driven by IoT and other trends — continue to be added to the network. The perimeter of the network has been fragmented to the point where the endpoint becomes the smart, central control point to implement device, application, and data security.

Network Access and Threat Detection & Response

Threats are targeting the network and its users everywhere, all the time. Securing network access and accelerating threat detection and response is more critical than ever.

Cloud Access & Application Protection

Applications have moved to the cloud. How you secure cloud access and those applications requires innovative technologies that work together to deliver an integrated, effective solution.

Secure Operations, Compliance & Monitoring

Detecting, analyzing, responding to, reporting on, and preventing cybersecurity incidents is the role of security operations center (SOC) analysts. These SOC analysts heavily rely on a variety of security tools to help them monitor and manage risk in an environment of rapidly evolving security threats and compliance requirements.