Merlin invests in innovative technologies to create enterprise-ready products. Combining solutions with deep industry expertise and experience, Merlin delivers the cybersecurity solutions that organizations need to protect their most critical business assets. With over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, we’re able to help guide product roadmaps and accelerate business value for our portfolio. This allows organizations to implement the newest innovations with the confidence and assurance that comes from working with an established vendor.

Cyber Observer

Misconfiguration of cyber security tools can be blamed for some of the world’s largest data breaches. Point-in-time assessments can temporarily address the issue, but systems rarely stay in a known good state. Continuously monitor and maintain your cybersecurity hygiene with Cyber Observer. Cyber Observer constantly measures and scores your risk and compliance against manufacturers’ best practices and compliance frameworks (PCI, NIST, ISO, CIS & more) including how to improve your score and remain compliant. Cyber Observer alerts you to gaps in coverage that create risk and non-compliance while monitoring for deviations in normal behavior to shine a light on alerts across tools that raise your threat risk.

Cyber Observer for Incident Response and Recovery

Extend Cyber Observer’s monitoring capabilities with a secure messaging platform that allows you to coordinate responses to vulnerabilities and breaches without fear of eavesdropping. The most common method a threat actor uses for tracking your incident response plans is your open business communication tools. Stay secure and stay ahead of the game with a crisis and incident response communication hub built on the Wickr secure messaging platform. Fully encrypted, enterprise-ready, and designed from the ground-up to resist state-level hacking attempts, you can control and protect your most critical communications with Wickr’s fully encrypted and ephemeral platform. Features include; Secure screen sharing, voice & video calls, voice memos, file transfers, and screen shot notifications.

Cyber Observer for AIOps

The ability to keep your IT infrastructure optimized and running smoothly is what keeps your customers and users happy. When systems are down or slow it impacts your business and user experience. Leverage Cyber Observer for AIOps to predicatively see where your system is going to fail so you can remediate issues before customers are impacted, while at the same time continuously monitoring the readiness of security tooling across your enterprise. By monitoring your entire IT stack from the network up to the business service you can understand when systems are about to run into issues and where they are starting to fail or degrade.

  • Stress test systems to predict performance
  • Proactively understand the business impact of IT issues
  • End-to-end in-depth visibility

Cyber Observer for Cloud Application Security

As enterprises increasingly move to the cloud for its flexibility, ease-of-use, and cost savings, new risks around compliance, data security, and cloud threats arise. You have mission-critical assets and personnel that need to be protected in the face of governmental data breaches and hacks that have been increasing in scale and scope. From malware to insider threats of data exfiltration, organizations need to address how easily cloud and web use increases risk with sensitive data while continuing to modernize environments for efficiency and innovation.

Whether you’re just starting this transition or right in the middle of it, you need a way to extend your data protection from on-premises services and the perimeter to SaaS, IaaS, and Web. We can help with a crawl-walk-run model, starting with capabilities like on-prem discovery to inform perimeter policies, to security for sanctioned cloud services like Microsoft Office 365, to ultimately securing all cloud usage, sanctioned and unsanctioned (shadow IT), and across all networks, locations, and devices. Take a data-centric approach to securing your agency, following sensitive data to where the data are processed and used, from on-prem to cloud and web or even a hybrid model. We can help organizations protect users and data from advanced threats, secure confidential files, and manage compliance mandates and requirements for cloud and web, all the while leveraging the core capabilities of Cyber Observer to ensure all security systems are continually operating at their peak capabilities.

Cyber Observer for Network Access Control

Federal agencies and large companies are prime targets for hackers, whether politically motivated, seeking information they can sell, or simply engaged in mischief. By providing secure network access for a wide range of devices and user populations, our solution helps organizations protect their confidential data and support their compliance efforts with mandated policies and regulations such as FISMA, NERC, ISO/IEC 27001 and the GDPR.

  • Identify endpoints on a network, including unmanaged and rogue devices
  • Automate security and compliance policies, reducing the time to detect and resolve incidents–or prevent them altogether
  • Provide a comprehensive platform to empower potentially underperforming legacy IT investments

Cyber Observer for Identity and Access Management

When technology is able to act on a consistent stream of information about a person, and still keep that information safe, it can do great things. Our FedRAMP compliant Workforce Identity (IT) products uniquely use identity information to grant people access to applications on any device at any time while still enforcing strong security protections. Don’t limit your SSO and MFA capabilities to web applications. With Cyber Observer for Identity and Access Mangement, you can extend these capabilities to legacy platforms such as client-server applications, OT devices and mainframes. At the same time, our Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) capabilities ensure strong security and seamless access for an organization’s customers. As the foundation for secure connections between people and technology we help large enterprises do more, faster.