Cyber Hygiene: If Tools Could Talk

If cyber hygiene tools could talk visual "come clean with your cyber hygiene"

Listen Up: Security Tools Tell a Cyber Hygiene Story

What if all of your company’s cybersecurity tools could talk? What would they say to the teams managing them? What would they tell the CISO or compliance team? Tools have a voice, but the challenge is that most security and risk executives simply aren’t listening to them. Not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t have the means to do so.

Companies add tool after tool to secure their data, systems, and users. But instead of increased security, they’re left with misconfigured, repetitive, or siloed tools and little visibility and control over their environments. This leads to poor cyber hygiene and creates severe security vulnerabilities, especially as telework surges.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Security tools—when correctly configured, maintained, and monitored—are essential to proper cyber hygiene. And just a few simple actions can help you maximize ROI on current tools, start continuously monitoring those tools, and gain comprehensive visibility and control of your network and endpoints. All of which leads to better cyber hygiene.

5 of the Biggest Cyber Hygiene Myths

Read along as we expose a handful of common misconceptions

Proper cyber hygiene is a desirable but sometimes elusive practice for many companies. It can be hard to separate fact vs. fiction sometimes, but you should be especially wary of these five myths.

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Cyber Hygiene Starts with Good Tools Configuration

Overcome fragmented toolsets and get more out of your security solutions

Fragmented tools require additional knowledge capital and make it difficult to quantify risks or follow security controls.
Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness and usage of your current security tools.

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It’s Time to Come Clean

Gain an overall picture of security posture, reduce vulnerabilities, and ensure proper cyber hygiene

Cyber Observer continuously monitors and improves cybersecurity posture. Sepio provides greater visibility and control over hardware assets connecting into networks. Centerity aligns security and IT metrics with business impact. Together, the three platforms provide a comprehensive way for organizations to implement and maintain proper cyber hygiene.

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