Cybersecurity Hygiene

Misconfiguration of cybersecurity tools can be blamed for some of the world’s largest data breaches.

Point-in-time assessments can temporarily address the issue, but systems rarely stay in a known good state. Continuously monitor and maintain your cybersecurity hygiene with Cyber Observer.

Cyber Observer constantly measures and scores your risk and compliance against manufacturers’ best practices and compliance frameworks (PCI, NIST, ISO, CIS and more), including how to improve your score and remain compliant.

Cyber Observer alerts you to gaps in coverage that create risk and non-compliance, while monitoring for deviations in normal behavior to shine a light on alerts across tools that raise your threat risk.

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Secure Collaboration

The most common method a threat actor uses for tracking your incident response plans is your open business communication tools. Stay secure and stay ahead of the game with Wickr.

Wickr is an incident response communication hub that is fully encrypted, enterprise-ready, and private. You can control and protect your most critical communications with Wickr’s secure platform.

Features include:

  • Screen sharing
  • Voice and video calls
  • Voice memos
  • File transfers up to 5 GB
  • Screenshot notifications

Set up in minutes and invite your team to join your private network.

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The ability to keep your IT infrastructure optimized and running smoothly is what keeps your customers and users happy. When systems are down or slow, it impacts your business and user experience.

Our solution Centerity lets you predicatively see where your system is going to fail so you can remediate issues before customers are impacted.

By continuously monitoring your entire IT stack, from the network up to the business service, you can understand when systems are about to run into issues and where they are starting to fail or degrade.

Centerity features include:

  • Stress tests on systems to predict performance
  • Proactively understanding the business impact of IT issues
  • End-to-end in-depth visibility

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